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Generating Influence. Gaining mindshare. Growing business.

These are some of the objectives of your marketing strategy. When your products or services are complex, it takes more than awareness programmes or simple demand creation to get your message across to your customers. You also face the challenge of helping your own staff and partners understand and effectively deliver the message.

This is the everyday challenge facing those marketing or selling solutions based on new technologies. How to help your customers and prospects understand the business benefits your solution can bring.

This is not a one-off exercise. You need to create a cohesive, consistent and compelling impression whenever you deliver your message to your customers. How you position, prepare and present your message needs careful thought in many areas.

Sales training - Both your own staff, and those in other companies you partner with, must be able to articulate the overall business benefits clearly and consistently whichever part of the total solution they are directly responsible for.

Presentable Content - Consistent content delivery is important, but it must be high quality. Presentations must be compelling and easy to deliver to a variety of audiences. Good message management can not only ensure consistency, but also keep costs down with efficient re-use of quality material.

Physical presence - Delivering powerful briefings to your top customers through an Executive Briefing programme increases the chance and value of sales. Do you have an underused corporate facility? Trade shows, used effectively can create strong brands and reinforce the community that supports your solution.

Community programmes - When your solution is built from pieces from other organisations, has partners that add value to it, or channel partners who sell it, you have a huge potential community of interest. Do the all understand the influence and benefits of the whole?

Web content - When many individuals or departments contribute information for an online presence there's always a confused message, and the customer viewpoint is forgotten. It's not simply a requirement for an HTML editor, you must create a consistent approach from the confusion, and position your solutions in a context that customers understand.

Programmes that enable you to deliver consistent messages about your solutions will generate more influence and help you win more business. Contact Timefort for more information.

Technology - something invented after you were born

Marketing - communication for commercial advantage

The Technology Marketing challenge - complex subjects, technical messages, wary audiences, new alliances, business justifications, early wins

Why choose a marketing consultant ?

  • External perspective
  • No agendas
  • Innovation
  • Varied skills
  • Past experience

When to bring in a consultant ?

  • Ready for launch
  • Looking for growth
  • Reversing a dip
  • Applying focus
  • Aligning sales
  • Developing channels
  • Building alliances

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