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Rob Bamforth - Marketing Consultant

Rob formed Timefort following success in sales, marketing and sales support management, where he developed the skills needed to create stimulating content and deliver innovative programmes that achieve results. He has worked as an industry analyst covering mobile, social and unified communications as well as related areas such as cloud, big data and security and emerging hot topics such as wearables and the internet of things.

His knowledge of new technologies and experience in producing marketing campaigns means he can work with clients in the important areas of market positioning and 'buzz', building momentum, partnerships and developing proof of concepts.

Vision and creative thinking have always been central to Rob's approach. His experience with over 25 years in sales, marketing and working as an industry analyst have been driven by an understanding of the broader picture, and using his passionate communication skills to arouse enthusiasm and bring comprehension in his audience.

His background provides skills and experience in:


  • Presenting and keynoting at conferences and seminars
  • Working with the media
  • Developing presentations and content management
  • Writing articles, blogs, tweets and other short form media
  • Primary research and authoring reports and white papers
  • Developing and delivering internal training

Marketing Management
  • Developing successful marketing campaigns
  • Streamlining marketing processes and cost reduction
  • Building and managing Executive Briefing facilities
  • Developing and managing tradeshow, event and seminar strategies
  • Staff recruitment and development

Business Development
  • Channel recruitment and development
  • Developing and managing partner programmes
  • Fostering partner alliances and development
  • Developing partner communities and ecosystems

Rob has been a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and Chartered Engineer for over 20 years, for more details of the BCS, please visit www.bcs.org.uk

For full biographical details, please contact Rob Bamforth at robb@timefort.com

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